Bugster’s official launch in Romania

It is already well-known that what wakes Romanians up in the morning is not the smartphone alarm, but the coffee carefully ground and perfectly prepared. This “whim” has contributed to the Romanian bar and coffee industry, which enjoyed significant growth in the last years.

The rapid development in the hospitality industry constantly determines both the owners and the bartenders to specialize, improve and differentiate in the art of bartending. It stays for a proof of it, as well, the increasing competition of Romanian bartenders, but also their participation in various internal or international competitions.



All this newness made possible the organization of BRIFT in Romania – the largest Cocktail Festival and the first Bar Convent organized in our country and probably the most awaited thematic event in Bucharest.

The event brought together professionals in the field, but also enthusiasts, who had the opportunity to learn more about the culture of alcoholic beverages and coffee directly from the source, its packaging, and methods of ideal brewing.


The diversity of the types of ingredients, alcoholic drinks, or methods of brewing and preparing the coffee, can add value to a business, only if these elements are being used properly.


Thus, the event included Expo Zone, Coffee Floor, Prodigy seminar room, Cocktail City, and welcomed to Bucharest influencers and specialists from Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Trinidad and Tobago or the United States of America.

Such an event could not miss the coffee brewers, and BRIFT was a great opportunity for Hedone to officially launch Bugster, a new range of professional coffee brewing equipment, in Romania.


Bugster is a professional espresso machine, an innovative combo between technology and design. It is available with one, two or three groups, with saturated group technology and manual pressure profiling. Therefore, it can meet the expectations of the most experienced and demanding barista in their challenge to make the perfect espresso by using the multiple functionalities of the machine.

Bartenders, managers, or location owners had the chance to try Bugster, so they can make sure that it can be a reliable solution for the requirements of the dynamic HoReCa industry and it can enhance the personality of every business.

The event took place on October 15-16, 2019, in a relaxed setting, at Bragadiru Palace. Dedicated seminars, prizes, or stories of baristas and bartenders were part of the agenda of the event, which ended with an unforgettable bar hopping.

The BRIFT project provides a forum for bartenders, managers, bar owners, importers, merchandisers and distributors of alcoholic beverages, but also a special occasion for consumers and connoisseurs of mixed drinks and cocktails to find out which are the latest trends in the industry.

Bugster’s International Official Launch at HostMilano

One of the most important factors that affect the taste of coffee is the way you brew it.

The perfect cup of coffee starts with innovative brewing equipment. So even with the highest quality and well-roasted beans, the brewing process is the difference-maker.

Designed and assembled in Romania, our professional brewing equipment adapts to the specific needs of our customers and the business environment.




And because we are always in search of innovation and performance, we officially launched Bugster, a new range of professional coffee brewing equipment, last year, at the 41st edition of HostMilano.

Bugster is a professional espresso machine, available with one, two, or three groups – with saturated group technology and manual pressure profiling. It combines technology and design in order to meet the expectations of an experienced and fastidious barista in their challenge to make the perfect espresso by using the multiple functionalities of the machine.

Managers, location owners, and bartenders had the chance to try Bugster at HostMilano, which took place on October 18-22, 2019 and it welcomed professionals from all over the world.

As a trade fair, HostMilano has its attention focused on all aspects of hospitality and professional catering. It was a very international event, as there were over 200.000 presences, from no fewer than 171 countries.

The event was a unique opportunity to exchange know-how and experiences, for all kind of businessmen, from big players to small-scale innovative concerns and start-ups full of ideas.

Thus, there was a decidedly cosmopolitan atmosphere as visitors come not just from Europe (Germany, Spain, France, the UK, and Switzerland), but also from the USA, China, the Middle East and the Far East, Canada, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates. Although, the most notable companies represented for the first time at the Host were Argentina, Columbia, Lebanon, Latvia and Albania.


But everyone was there to do business by sharing efficient solutions for the challenges on the HoReCa market and having the opportunity to establish partnerships.

Therefore, to encourage synergies between different areas, the event was organized into three macro-area as Pizza/Pasta/Bakery, Professional Foodservice and Pastry/Gelato with Coffee-Tea/Coffee-Making Machines/Bars/Vending.

With the resounding success of this edition, the facts are one more proof of the leadership the HostMilano enjoys in an ever-growing sector and its well-deserved ranking as the world’s leading hospitality event.

Milano HOSTed 170 countries at the largest HoReCa international trade fair

In 2017, the 40th edition of the largest international trade fair dedicated to the hospitality industry took place on October 20-24 in Milan, where it gathered over 180.000 visitors, businessmen from across the world.


HostMilano is an event that offers the opportunity to establish strategic, sustainable and solid partnerships to both exhibitors and participants. The Host gives answers to the HoReCa professionals’ dynamic requirements. Within it, there are shared efficient and updated solutions for the challenges on the HoReCa market which can be helpful in the effective management of them.

Entrepreneurs, managers and industry enthusiasts from 170 countries had at their disposal 5 days of workshops, demonstrations and conferences, which validate the practical applicability of the presented business opportunities.

The event welcomed participants from 5 continents. Thus, in addition to important players from Europe, visitors and buyers from China, the USA, and the Middle East, Australia or Africa, were also present. Regarding the field of activity of the exhibitors, there can be mentioned food producers, coffee and tea companies, or suppliers of professional equipment, furniture and complementary products dedicated to the HoReCa industry.

And as long as some of our main values ​​are to always meet our customers specific needs and expectations and to provide reliable services for our partners, Hedone, which is a company with 100% Romanian capital, has perfectly integrated into the genuine concept of the event.


As the first manufacturer of professional coffee brewing equipment in Romania, we participated as an exponent of our country in the coffee brewing innovative technology segment. Our professional espresso machine and professional coffee grinder combine technology and design to provide an optimal extraction by their multiple functionalities.

The Evo, Wally and Triton professional espresso machines, as well as the Honne professional grinder have gained their popularity in terms of acknowledged reliability and quality, as well as through its ease of use.

In addition, for the business environment in the industry, sustainable success is built on the foundation of understanding the brewing methods. Our equipment helps you express your business the way you feel, and it quickly becomes a barista’s best partner. With these efficient tools you can get better control of the process, in order to maintain consistency and quality for the perfect cup of coffee.

We have also presented at the Host an illustrative prototype of a range of professional espresso machines that have later been adapted and improved in keeping up with the dynamism of the market and its rigorous requirements.

HostMilano has turned out, once again, to be the perfect market for presenting technological innovations and the latest trends in the industry. Therefore, it has been confirmed the fair’s ranking as the world’s leading hospitality event.