About Us


Our story begins in 2012, with an artisanal coffee roaster and a high dose of enthusiasm and dedication, when we found ourselves united by the passion for quality coffee.

Little did we know then that sharing our passion for coffee and bringing people closer with each cup prepared, soonly would turn into an initiating concept, which managed to shape an entire industry.

Nowadays, we are the promoters of the third wave of coffee in Romania and we rely on smart investments for the benefit of coffee lovers, in our effort to refresh the coffee culture in our country.

We are aware of the importance of enjoying the coffee experience at its fullest. So even with the highest quality and well-roasted beans, the brewing process is the difference-maker. It needs to extract the finest characteristic features of the coffee.

One of the most important factors that affect the taste of coffee is the way you brew it. The perfect cup of coffee starts with innovative brewing equipment. With efficient tools that serve you for obtaining an optimal extraction, you can get better control of the process, in order to maintain consistency and quality.

Sustainable success is built on the foundation of understanding the brewing methods. A barista without the right equipment is like a chef without the right knives.

Thus, we provide professional brewing equipment, professional espresso machine and professional coffee grinder, for the perfect cup of coffee.

We are the first Romanian manufacturer of professional equipment in the coffee industry. Our experts have combined innovative technology with design and performance to create professional and reliable coffee grinders and espresso machines with multiple functionalities.

Our equipment helps you express your business the way you feel, and it quickly becomes a barista’s best partner.

Designed and assembled in Romania, our professional equipment adapts to the specific needs of our customers and the business environment. The advanced coffee brewing process can meet any rigorous expectations of the most experienced and demanding barista.

Therefore, our distinctive factor on the professional coffee brewing equipment market remains the devotion for quality and reliability.

Hedone is not just a product, but an experience itself.